Frequently Asked Questions

MyMedicalBox is an application that collects information that is stored, backed up and secured. It manages and makes available to patients and healthcare professionals your medical information needed in the emergency during critical moments, through the flash of a QR-Code.

The QR-Code is a type of barcode whose arrangement of points defines the information contained in the code. “QR” stands for “Quick Response” and refers to the speed of the process with which the code is scanned.

Anyone using a smartphone or tablet with my QR Code in sight will be able to access my public page.

Your information is stored, backed up and secured at a personal health data host (HDS) whose activity is regulated by the decree of 4 January 2006. This environment provides a highly protective framework for the entire information system and IT infrastructure, in compliance with very strict standards.

A watermark is a  text affixed in order to know, in case of screen printing for example, who took the picture.

Public: The data is visible on my public record accessible by anyone scanning my qr code or entering my patient number.
Emergency : The data is visible for the users to whom I have opened an access. But also for consultations in ’emergency’ mode, a procedure by which the person accessing the data must provide his or her telephone number.
Confidential: The data is visible to the users to whom I have opened an access only.

Public page: By scanning my QR Code or by entering my patient code, the third party will have access to my public page: all the data I wanted to make visible to everyone. Data visible to the third party: public data.

Emergency mode: By entering his name, phone number and accepting the T&Cs, a third party will have access to my emergency data. I will have chosen beforehand to make this data visible only after the third party has filled in his phone number and it has been checked. Data visible to a third party: public data and emergency data.

Normal consultation: If I have opened a temporary or permanent access, a third party (health professional) will be able to access all my data. Data visible by a third party: All my data.

If I forget my password, all I have to do is click on “Forgot your password? “then enter my e-mail address. A reset email will be sent to me, I will then just have to enter a new password and confirm it.

My patient code serves me the same way as my QR-Code. In case the camera is not accessible to scan it, you can simply enter my patient code to access my file.

No. My confidential information is strictly confidential. Only persons authorized by me via the “Access” tab can access its content.

Yes, I can see from the “Activities” tab the people who have consulted my account.

No, all documentation provided by health professionals must be retained.

When subscribing to a subscription that offers less functionality than my current subscription, only the first data that I have entered is accessible within the limits set by the new subscription.

The MMB service offers a wide range of QR code supports to increase the probability of carrying it in dangerous situations. You can buy them directly from our shop.

Anyone with an account can take advantage of the MyMedicalBox service (except in cases of previous account blocking for non-compliance with the rules).

MyMedicalBox has been developed to ensure that you can access your data as quickly as possible. Event management offers you, in this perspective, to gather medical data around an event in your life (Pregnancy, Skiing accident, Chronic disease, …). This will allow you to filter the health data when searching for one of them.

Adding emergency contacts is one of the main features of the MyMedicalBox service. If you were the victim of an accident, the people listed in the “Emergency contacts” register would be the first to be alerted of your accident.

All you have to do is click on the “Profile” tab, “Emergency contact” then “Add +” and enter the required information.

No, only those you choose will be able to access all your information. A connection to the application through a “pro” profile will allow a doctor to access the data of all his patients for whom he has received a temporary or permanent (revocable by the patient himself at any time) authorization to consult MyMedicalBox.

In order for a trusted third party to access your data, they must have a MyMedicalBox account.

When accessing our website, you must click on “Patient” and then “Create an account”. You will then be able to fill in various information to complete your profile. You will then have to enter your telephone number on which a confidential code will be sent to you.

From an iPhone, aim at the QR Code with your camera and a link will be displayed automatically. On an Android, free applications like BarCode Scanner allow you to flash a QR Code.

You can download your QR Code from our website in order to print it and keep it with you on the medium of your choice. Customizable media are also available in our shop.

MyMedicalBox gives you the opportunity to keep information about you that you may need at any time.

The distinctive sign allows a better identification of your identity during an emergency situation.

Just click on the “Profile” tab (or your photo on the mobile application) and then “Change phone number”.

All you have to do is click on the “Profile” tab (or your photo on the mobile application) and then “Change email”.

This tab allows you to access the list of people who have had access to your data.

Simply click on the “Profile” tab (or your photo on the mobile application) and then “Optional data” (at the bottom of the “contact details” page on the mobile application). Then all you have to do is click on “Add a health contact”.

Just click on the “Profile” tab (or your photo on the mobile application) and then “Change password”. All you have to do now is enter your password, choose a new one and confirm it.

On the site, simply click on your name at the top right of the screen and then click on “disconnect”.

The “Stay logged in” option allows you to leave your session open for one hour, or 30 minutes if it is not checked. For security reasons, we recommend that you do not leave your session open.

Your account may be logged in from a variety of devices, including your smartphone, tablet or computer. By answering “Yes” to this question, your account will be disconnected from all devices you have logged in to in the past.